Dear Y’s Men families around the world,

Like you, I feel thrilled and excited by the opportunity to celebrate our centennial in Taipei in March 2023. Under the expert leadership of Taiwan Region, a festive and memorable event is assured.

I am truly impatient and know my enthusiasm will only grow as November 2022 approaches and I am closer to meeting the international members of my YMI family, the people with whom I am joined in a fellowship of service that has endured an amazing 100 years!

Let the 100-years meeting in Taipei provide opportunity to recognise our great movement and those who comprise it. The last two years may be considered among the most difficult in the history of our movement, but we succeeded in maintaining the Y’s Men’s motto globally. We did not just survive we continued to serve, developing in times of hardship thanks to the tireless efforts of the leaders at all levels and the insuppressible spirit of club members. This alone deserves celebration. The gathering in Taipei is not only a time to reflect on our past, but also a place to rejoice in the spirit and fellowship of YMI today.

In Taipei, I hope we can kindle the growing enthusiasm for renewing and strengthening YMI for the next generation. Starting with the centennial celebration in November let us position ourselves to become a bold, energetic, modern service organisation, building on our 100 years of experience and becoming a true mission partner of the YMCA. Let us renew our commitment to our founder’s legacy, dedicate ourselves to the realisation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, working collectively and strategically under the theme of Heal the World. I am sure our common ideology and our ongoing determination to be a positive influence in the world, will lead us to a relevant and impactful future.

I look forward to your unwavering support and cooperation. I hope to meet you all in Taipei in March 2023!

Warm Regards,

Kim Sang-chae

International President 2021/22