Centennial Celebrations & CS of Taiwan Region

National Museum of Marine Science and Technology

The National Museum of Marine Science & Technology (NMMST), located in the Badouzi peninsula and Wanghaixiang Bay, Keelung city, near to Northeast and Yilan National Scenic Area and tourist attractions such as Jiufen and Pingxi, is famous for the only railway station (Haikeguan station) in the museum area in Taiwan and worth a visit. The target visitors of the NMMST are school students and families. The museum combines functions of exhibition, education, research, collection and recreation to encourage the public to “Embrace the Ocean, Respect the Ocean and Sustain the Ocean.” In the main exhibition building, there are 8 galleries, including Marine Science Gallery, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Gallery, People and the Sea Gallery, Marine Environment Gallery, Fishery Science Gallery, especially Kid’s Exploration Zone designed for their marine exploration and education, etc. Regional Exploration Gallery displays the region’s unique and breathtaking attractions in a thought-provoking and engaging fashion. The IMAX Theater, home to the country’s largest IMAX 3D movie theater, is equipped with the latest 3D and digital sound technology, allowing you to immersive. What’s more, the museum provides summer & winter camps and family events every year to explore the amazing ocean.

Chaojing Park

Chaojing Park was a place which collected garbage. However, it was rebuilt by the National Museum Of Marine Science and Technology, which became a spot to appreciate the view of sea. The only entrance to Chaojing Park is called “Ping-Lang Bridge”. Passing through the bridge, the left side is Changtan Fishing Village; the right side offers is marine abrasion views. In the spring and summer time, there is a variation of natural ecology. At Chaojing Park, there is a bikeway, as well as sculptures, scenery viewing chairs, and a fountain. It is a place where visitors can engage in a variety of activities. In addition, at dusk, you can also see the sunset, and the lights of Jiufen from here. Chaojing Park coast is a new spot of Keelung; it’s very popular on holidays.