Welcome to the YMI Centennial Celebration in Taipei, Taiwan!

Although we live in a time of uncertainty and change, what a pleasure it is to be ab e to meet in person as well as to have live streaming over the internet available to the Y’s Men and their families who are unable to travel to Taipei in person.

Charming, Mosquito and the host committee is using social media, data and technology to help create availability of the traditional flag-raising ceremony, Taiwanese native performances by junior and senior high school students and the YMCA Youth Choir, the keynote speech, fellowship banquet and other events for YMl’s first 100 years.

We look forward to the celebration, a review of our YMI movement today, and a discussion of our ambitions for the next 100 years. We are sure that this YMI Centennial Celebration will reinforce some of the central pillars of our rich, happy and rewarding life. May the convention enhance our YMCA work, social interaction, creativity, entertainment, as well as our physical and emotional well-being.

Hank Walther

Centenary Celebration Team Chair