Greeting from HCC Charming Shen.

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to visit Taiwan on this wonderful occasion that will inspire us not only refreshing the memory of past 100 years but also to celebrate the upcoming 100 years.

In recent two years, suffering from the restriction of Covid-19 enforced YMI to empower the way of virtual meetings for working on different topics or subjects without in-person communications. At this juncture, I am sure the 100th anniversary will strengthen the worldwide Y’s leaders and Y’s Men to be in Taipei encouraging each other for an unforgettable fellowship.

This centennial celebrations will be focusing on Fellowship and Community Service through continuous and timeless discussions by IHQ & Centennial Teams. IPIP’s words (Mr Jacob Kristensen) “Meeting Y’s Men face to face would be much better than the Speeches “ respond to the requirement of most participants who recognize that the fellowship is inevitably one of YMI’s principal goals.

YMI is a big family and our leaders and members have dedicated contributing immensely towards the enormous growth in the past 100 years and at this historic juncture, we need to move forward for the next 100 years.

In order to succeed, let’s proudly get together in Taipei.

Taiwan is always friendly, harmonious and welcoming to your arrival at this Centennial Celebrations !

Be there at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan on Mar. 10-12, 2023 !

For golf playing and pre/post-conference tour, please refer to the website provided.

Awaiting your visit soon !